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    Thank you, MxGaming

    I just wanted to thank everyone in MxGaming for being a right good bunch of people.

    I've experienced a lot here over the months, can you believe it's been a little over 2 months? lol

    When I started out I was just getting into Shattered Skies and I wanted to get into playing with other like minded people I tried a couple clans and gaming communities here and there. But I saw MxGaming online gaming community and they were only recruiting EU players at the time but were recruiting for Shattered skies which as any Shattered skies player will tell you runs off a global server so anyone around the world can connect and play with each other.

    I was undaunted I didn't care that there wasn't anyone awake when I wanted to play I Genuinely liked the people here.

    Now I don't know if this is true or not but I like to tell people it is, I was one of the very first American players to join MxG or well at least stick around lol
    Now when I joined the Shattered skies division it was all chaos *snicker* but I like to roll with the punches so i stuck around playing with people keeping the ball rolling and at a certain point I was made a moderator of the Smite division (remember the spreadsheets?) I can't remember who was game leader that the time it think it was xDaino.

    Now my favorite thing to do while waiting for games was bumping our threads I was a scourge on the forums a recruiting friend, lol.
    I also loved just combing through the forums just looking for people who needed a home and other good people to play with id recruit casuals competitive players it didn't matter to me because at the end of the day it's about having fun and enjoying everyone's company.

    Join us at MxGaming Gaming Community The Leading Online Gaming Community A multinational Gaming community where champions are made and men are tested (women too ;P)
    We have a very large TeamSpeak A great website and over 400 active members. That was my speal lol I'd encourage people to contact me and I'd watch for them to say something, so i could follow up with them it was a lot of fun.

    There were people who made it awesome as well, DrWhat, Feyzi, MrPeanut, Robotz would join us which was great i named a few only because I can't remember everyone lol, with good times come bad of course but that's not the point of this

    Now jump forward to when this site was made it was a nice November and a new game was right around the corner Heroes of the Storm

    but MxGaming had a difficulty they had no game leader for the game and I being as I am happily taking the job and yes I did start by myself but I remained strong because that's just what I do

    So the story is I started the division with just myself 3 weeks into the alpha and i was recruiting people like mad I was bumping six different sites with what else motivational quotes lol
    and I was interviewing every applicant by myself spending 10-11 hours a day doing this in just 2 weeks we had over a hundred applicants 2 weeks later 250.
    Now I never told Daino this but I was in a competition that only I was privy too I was challenging myself to outdue the current leader of applicants League of Legends and their whole staff team if I remember at the time it was over a thousand

    so eventually I did overcome them but when we hit around 800 applicants everyone wanted a piece of me I needed help so I recruited people to mod for me People that are still here like Lost,VeteranWingz,Verenity,Raynes these people helped me immensely and I could never have done it without them as much as I'd like to say I did lol

    I'd like to say that a good foundation is built on community and friendship and teamwork above all else you gotta cooperate with each other.

    oh in case you were wondering
    What is "MxGaming Online Gaming Community"?
    MxGaming is a massive multi-gaming community which has been founded about one year ago by long term friends and people who have a dedication and passion for gaming together. It's a community that is always looking to entertain and keep a nice environment between the members. We currently have around 100+ people online each day, it has been growing significantly since we started and we're not planning on stopping anytime soon. Expect a mature, relaxed and fun environment when you meet most of our members.

    What other games do we play?
    League of Legends
    Dota 2
    Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    Shattered Skies
    Path of Exile
    And so many more...

    What can you expect from us?
    We offer many different things such as:
    Informative discussions on our forums pertaining to the game
    Grouping up for Bonus XP
    Daily custom games
    Coaching for those who want to up their game
    Streaming support
    And the most important thing of all is for everyone to have fun!

    Are there any requirements to join?
    There are no in-game level requirements, everyone is welcome to join us! The only requirement you will need is to have Teamspeak 3 and a microphone. Also, we strive to have a fun and mature environment so being 16+ is a MUST.

    How to join?
    If you are interested in joining sign up for our forums on our website and apply, and once your on Teamspeak we will get you sorted out
    TS IP:

    Feel free to add me in game
    My launcher is always open so just drop me a message.

    was my old recruitment post lol
    some people may recognize it

    but over the years I've been privy to alot of things I've had lots of opportunities I've made great friends had good times cried and laughed joked have gotten angry

    I just wanted to share my experience and thank Everyone at MxGaming for showing me a good time and hopefully we'll have more good times ahead

    P.S. We did beat out Shattered Skies in just over 2 months we doubled their recruitment numbers LoL team eat your heart out

    Yours Truly;
    CoryLikesKilling "The Main Man"
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