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    Post Pokemon Go Trainer Tips!

    This will be a constantly updated thread with resources, guides, and tips so that you can go from Poketrainer to Pokemaster!
    This thread is primarily just a compilation thread of info found on the internet, primarily from /r/TheSilphRoad. If you are serious about PGO, it's a great place to go.

    Basic tips:

    • Pokemon Go is based off the game Ingress, a lot of features are copied from there, one such feature is hacking in Ingress being affected by cell usage in an area. What this means for Pokemon Go, is that Pokemon has higher spawn rates in more densely populated areas. Go to your nearest city centre, find a spot with a triple pokestop and enjoy.
    • Incense spawns one Pokemon every 5 minutes standing still and one Pokemon every 1 minute/200 meters while moving
    • Evolutions are a guaranteed 1000EXP per evolution when using a Lucky Egg (double XP), even more, if the Pokemon is not in your Pokedex. Save up your Lucky Eggs you get from leveling, and your cheap to level Pokemon (or easy to catch), such as Pidgeys, Weedles, Caterpies, and Ratattas (make sure to farm their candies) for the best way to power level.
    • Eevee evolutions are completely random, not affected by name or move set but there is a rumour going around that if you name your Eevee after one of the three Eevee brothers you will receive the corresponding evolution. These are Rainer (Vaporeon), Pyro (Flareon), and Sparky (Jolteon). It's worth a go but this is unconfirmed there have been reports it doesn't work and also reports it guarantees your Pokemon to be XS.
    • This game is a real battery drainer, make sure to go into your settings and use the battery saver mode, all this does is allow you to tilt the screen down to dim the screen but still keep the app open. Investing in a power bank is recommended the Anker Powercore.
    • Don't power up Pokemon that cost less than 2 candies to level. It might be tempting but the CP isn't high enough to be worthwhile, save your candies to evolve for XP and save your dust for more powerful Pokemon.

    Advanced tips:

    Resources: - The best group of data miners and hardcore Pokemon enthusiasts you will find on the internet - Evolution Calculator - Decent guide on how to get 1k+ Pokemon - Easy way to calculate the amount of XP you will earn power leveling (through evolutions) the easy Pokemon with a Lucky Egg.

    I'll be constantly updating this thread with new things I find, the most important tip you should remember, though, is to stay safe while playing!
    Feel free to comment your own sources and I will add them.

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    Re: Pokemon Go Trainer Tips!

    This tips I should get before. Anyways Thanks!!

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