As I have just finished building my new desktop (and am trying to show it off without seeming like a dick ), I'm curious what computers MxGaming play on, and if there are any cool builds out there!

As for mine:
- Asus p7p55d motherboard
- Kingston hyperX fury black 2x8 ddr3
- intel i7 875k CPU
- corsair h100i liquid cooling
- EVGA gtx970 FTW GPU
- Xion xon-700p12f 700w PSU
- Samsung 500gb SSD and Seagate 2tb SATA

- Logitech g810 keyboard
- Logitech g502 mouse
- hyperX cloud II headset
- Klipsch pro media 2.1 speakers

Overall super happy, lots of time, effort and monies, this should last me years to come, so what is the rest of MxGaming running?