Surprised I haven't seen something on this in here, but if you haven't heard there has been a fairly scandalous post regarding CS GO Diamonds and "MoE" partnership.

In a nutshell, "MoE" would stream himself betting big on CS GO diamonds and at various points make huge losses but also vast winnings while streaming. However unbeknown to the viewers, this was, in fact, an act. CS GO Diamonds entered into an agreement with "MoE" that would let him play with house diamonds, however he wasn't allowed to cash his winnings out (obviously, as it wasn't his money in the first place). Now this isn't a new idea for a company to get ahead if anything it's entrepreneurial of them to gain new better from the advertisement by famous players, but this is where it changes.

Instead of allowing him to cash out his diamonds, they instead offered him a revenue share agreement in short, he would take home a % of revenue based upon earnings on the site in every month. The initial agreement was 20% of the first month of this agreement and then subsequently 10% of every further month. Still, at this point, I've got no problem with that. However when I find out that they are actually giving him the list of rolls that would be coming up, thus cheating, then it becomes a major problem.

All these types of betting sites work off a provably fair system, essentially an algorithm that works out a pre-determined result. While operators cannot alter the algorithm (obviously this would be cheating/fraud and the list goes on), they can, in fact, see the results of it ahead of time. In CS GO diamonds instance, they have "seeds" assigned to each account that would roll off this system. If they wanted to they could look at an individual seed and see exactly what rolls are coming and when they would come out.

This happened with "MoE" on multiple times when he was low on stream, he would request rolls and then win big and thus grow his stream base. There are screenshots and transcripts of him requesting this from CS GO diamonds directly.

One part of that agreement was that he was contractually obliged to stream for roughly 120 hours a month and on the streams of course show CSGOdiamonds as his premier betting site. It's reported that after 6 weeks, "MoE" wasn't hitting that target time due to other constraints and therefore breaching the agreement. CS GO diamonds then spoke to "MoE" and advised he would need to follow the schedule or they would have to either re-negotiate/end contract and pay what's currently owed.

"MoE" by all accounts was quite salty about this and instead opted for the latter as his new e-reporting career was taking off. He was paid $91,000 for the first month and then subsequently smaller payments for the remainder of the months. Before leaving "MoE" tried to cash out diamonds he had in his account, roughly $26,000, which by from the original agreement wasn't allowed. He claimed that he earned that money on top of what was given to him and therefore it was unjust by CS GO diamonds to not allow him to withdraw.

Upset and angry he then threatened to expose CSGODiamonds if they didn't give it him, they in turn beat him to the punch and posted everything they had on the relationship. There are numerous videos about this which I'll post below for you to make your own mind up. I'll be honest, the only thing that comes from this for me is that the CS GO scene in general is rather toxic, it doesn't inspire me to play the game and constantly puts doubts in my mind about the so called "top players" drive to continue.

I appreciate "MoE" isn't the only one doing this, but he is certainty one of the worst doing it.

Thorin's video bare in mind he and "MoE" have a beef (might not be the best choice)

Richard Lewis Interview with Moe directly about it - The Richard Lewis Show #10 w/ @m0e_tv - YouTube - if you are going to watch one video, make it this one.