Today I am going to drop a little bit of knowledge on your ass, Maybe. Today we will be discussing

The Shattered Skies clan and grouping problems

Lately a few people have has issues with friendly fire, IF you are not in the same group or channel on TeamSpeak, Friendly fire is completely fine! Unless both parties agree to keep peace, But if the other group does not want to maintain this discipline with members outside of group, it is completely fine.

Debunked #1: No staff member will ban you from the clan for friendly fire if the members are in separate groups! This is hard to moderate and until clans are fully implemented into Shattered Skies we will not be enforcing Friendly fire rules.

If you are not happy with a group not wanting to cease fire on friendlies you have 3 options;

  1. Avoid the group and go somewhere else.
  2. Engage in the firefight and make peace afterwards.
  3. Harass the group and get banned from the clan for Harassment.

If you do decide to argue and harass the opposing group you can kindly fuck off. If you are in a group and someone does start to harass you or insult you for not wanting to cease fire, report it straight to a Staff member a list is here:

Reactor and Groups

If you are taking reactor with a group and you capture reactor with one of the group members down dead or on their way back to reactor, The extra reactor reward BY DEAFULT goes to the lost player. If you was with a group and didnt get a reward for your effort, again contact a staff member and we will try sort it out for you.

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