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    Payday 2

    I was wondering if there were any interest in PAYDAY 2?

    For those who do not know this game, it is very well made, can be done alone but MIGHTY fun to coop (up to 4 players), and your job is to execute heists around town.
    Everything from robbing a bank to stealing artifacts from underneath a heavily guarded mountain to hijacking transports or freeing your members of the PAYDAY crew.

    PAYDAY can be found on steam. It has QUITE a few DLCs, but those who want a good start to just test it, I recommend getting Gage Mod Courier DLC and Gage Sniper Pack.
    The other DLCs adds everything from new heists to new masks to new weapons and mods.

    PS: Even though you may not have a pack yourself, you can team up with others who does, which also means someone who have all DLCs and starts a heist only available from a special DLC; you can still join even if you dont have it. From what I understand, steam will download all the files, and you just need to buy the DLCs to unlock the items / heists in game.

    I can never play any game for too long, but one of the few games I ALLWAYS come back too, is PAYDAY 2.

    Lets rob em fellas!
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