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    Was Directed to Introduce myself. [Shattered Skies Nerd]

    My handle is Angelofdeath_tv but generally I go by Angel or AoD.

    Working with computers before I could walk.
    Very competitive, played competitive SC2 to a High Masters terran, Mid Masters Zerg.
    Every game I play I try to do as best I can, I am however having a little trouble with aiming in this game, which was not an issue in Dayz, WarZ, Rust, or any of the similar games that I have played throughout my time, so any tips there would be appreciated.

    I've been running solo since I purchased the game. I first purchased the gold package then upgraded to ultimate, so while my character level is about 36 atm, I got most of the exp from the purchase and upgrade as opposed to farming myself. Due to playing completely solo thus far, I've only gotten about 3 reactors, and my PK fluxuates between 450 and 600 As of this moment, its about 515, but I'd love to get a group for PKing to work on getting 1k for the armor.

    Even though I love PK I'm always open for looting groups and anyone running reactors. I'm on litterally 90% of day, so anyone looking for me should send me a msg (I'll idle in TS now that I have the info.) I'm in the recruitment room as we speak, but the staff member here is AFK. I'm heading to bed now, will AFK in that channel, but hopefully tomorrow I'll have member permissions and can have a group to run with..

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    Welcome to MxGaming!
    Remember to join the teamspeak:

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