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Thread: About me! :3

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    About me! :3

    Hey there, I'm Arkavyn. I'm 17 and currently reside in South Africa, yay! (Not really, it's not so great here rofl.) I picked up Shattered Skies a couple of days ago after seeing some footage of it on YouTube and it reminded me of my WarZ days, so as always I gave into that feeling of nostalgia and bought the game for myself knowing I'd enjoy it.

    Anyway, seeing as games like Shattered Skies are best played with friends, I'd love to find a place for myself in MxG. I've heard a ton of positive feedback on your Shattered Skies forum page and I'd like to be a part of a nice community too, though I find the idea of just hopping into a teamspeak channel with a fair number of people a tad daunting as I'm not so confident when it comes to meeting new people... v.v

    Hopefully though I'll get over my anxiety swiftly and be able to enjoy playing the game with everyone, and I sure as hell can't wait. :3

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    Welcome to MxGaming!

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