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    Post Shattered Skies Trading tips

    Hello all,
    Here I will be posting some tips for trading with other players safely.

    Tip #1 Make sure to verify both parties have what they are claiming to trade. This can we have done by the owner dropping the item on the floor with other party standing far enough they are not able to pick up the item, But can see it clearly. And then pick it up after 5 or so seconds.

    Tip #2 Make sure to have a method of clearly speaking to who you are trading with. Shattered Skies in-game VOIP isn't the best quality and it's recommended to use Teamspeak. Don't use skype, Many people can use this to scam you, people can resolve your Skype to your IP and then DDOS you when you drop your items. This can also be the case for TeamSpeak, Try to find a central TeamSpeak server where both parties are safe. You can use if you want.

    Tip #3 Using a middleman can be useful in a lot of cases. Find someone who is trustable but not affiliated with either party. I like to choose a streamer, as if they try to scam you their reputation will be ruined. Or a staff member failing that someone trusted by the community.

    Tip #4 Record the whole trade, if the trade does go south you have evidence and can publicly disclose a player as a scammer, Even though shattered skies may not take action against this, you can at least alert the community to this players shady ways and to no deal with him.

    Tip #5, to finalize a trade it is best practice to both stand far away from each other like 10 steps and drops the items on the floor. When both parties have dropped their items and are happy the other party has done the same you both at the same time walk to the items the other party has dropped and pick them up. If both parties have dropped the items that were agreed successful trade, if not you have recorded proof and should request the other party give you the items missing or you both give each other's items back. failing these post a scammer alert on the forums.

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    I like to have both parties screenshot their inventory mid trade and request a specific amount of bullets in the inventory and have it sent within <60 seconds to prevent photoshopping. Kind of annoying but works.

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    Those are really great tips, thanks for sharing man!

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