Clarke has to make some big moves in the wake of her recent loss, while a rescue mission is mounted in Arkadia.
Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.
The losses just kept piling up on this week’s The 100, as one of the show’s regular characters was killed off, along with two notable Season 3 recurring players.
As with Lexa and Alycia Debnam-Carey’s commitments to Fear the Walking Dead, Lincoln’s death is probably not a big shock to anyone who saw that Ricky Whittle had been cast as the lead character in the upcoming series American Gods – pretty much letting you know yeah, Lincoln wasn’t long for this world.
That being the case, my question was mostly would he get a good death? And fortunately, the answer was yes. Lincoln went out a hero, sacrificing himself to save his people - in fact, he got the kind of death I felt Lexa should have gotten! He had a poignant final moment with Octavia (with a nice “Ah hah!” beat, as he knocked her out with the same injection she’d used on Bellamy, in order to save her) and was proud and defiant in front of Pike as he was executed.
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