Posted 2nd June 2016 09:10 PM on steam.
* More Immortal Gardens optimizations
* Fixed Fury Swipes not being considered for damage return on things like Blade Mail and Fatal Bonds
* Fixed a stolen Stifling Dagger not doing damage on projectile impact immediately
* Changed the behavior of the Toggle Autoattack hotkey to toggle between "Autoattack: Always" and your setting in options. If your setting in options is set to Always, it will instead toggle to "Autoattack: Standard".
* Added a UI message to display the current state of autoattack when it is toggled.
* Added a new option "Toggle Autoattack Automatically", which overrides the current autoattack setting when some orders are sent. A hold order forces Autoattack: Never, a stop order forces Autoattack: Always and an attack order returns to the value normally set in the options.

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