Member Name: Larstoriizzy

Which department are you applying for: TSF

In-game name: Larss

SteamID64: 76561198129382454

Date of birth DD/MM/YYYY: 05/06/2000

Current Age: 15

Country: Belgium

Timezone: gmt+1

Are you fluent within the English language: Yes

Brief description about yourself: My name is Lars and I am 15 years old, what means I am obliviously, but unfortunately still in school. Although I don't like school itself, I like going to it just to see and hang out with my friends. Here in Belgium we have a probably weird school system but I am currently on my 4th year in secondary school, doing electricity, but in my 5th and 6th schoolyear I will probably go and study ICT as I like working with computers. After my 6th year, I have to find work. But I'm not so sure about what my plans are, but going to the army has been going around in my head. Off school, in my free time, I do a lot of gaming, most of the time I play arma 3, on grand theft arma, but when I want to play something different I I play battlefield or something. Lately I started by playing Rocket League again, and I must say that I really love that game. Out of that I'm not a full time gamer in my spare time as I do like to go and chill out with my friend. In my spare time I try to keep myself fit by driving 50km with my bike 2 days a week.

How long have you been with MxGaming: since it wasn't up yet

Previous MxGaming bans: none

Previous experience in the TSF: none, although i've been a cop on another server. altis life to be exact.

What makes you interested in joining the TSF: I've been cop on an altis life server, and I liked it.

Why do you think we should recruit you into the TSF: because I have good RP and I got really good comms and teamwork.
I'm also good at combat, specially sniping.

What does the term 'roleplay' mean to you: Having a good story with people, and trying not to have a combat situation

I confirm that I've read and understood the server rules: Yes

I confirm that I've read and understood the handbook: Yes

I confirm that this application is written by me: Yes