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    Cool How to install the MxGaming Takistan Life mods

    How to install MxGaming Online Gaming Community Takistan mods
    AllInArmaTerrain pack:
    MxGaming Takistan Life Mods:!vAsUDKQQ!h7aOOZupg...4fg8hzlPmlMMQ4

    How to install:

    To install these mods, Download them from the provided links above, they total about 20GB. Then extract them into your Arma 3 installation directory (c:\steam\steamapps\arma3 Or where you have your steamapps folder).

    Download the AllInArmaTerrainPack and do the same, You can choose between AIAT Lite or AIAT Full, Lite has lower quality and resolution textures, and fewer geometry models. It is recommended to download the Full version.
    Next, open the Arma 3 launcher and load the mods you just downloaded, if it can not automatically find the mods click on "Local Mods" and select the MxGaming Takistan mods

    And click Select folders. Once you have the mods loaded you can click on Save preset so that you no longer need to load the mods every time you want to launch Arma 3, You can just select the preset.

    Name the preset whatever you want, make you name it to something to remind you they are MxGaming Takistan Mods, Like "MxG_Takistan".

    Now click play, and if the mods successfully loaded you will be able to connect to our server and enjoy the roleplay.

    If you need help or support with installing the mods or connecting to the server, Feel free to connect to our Teamspeak server for support. Our staff will help you every step of the way.
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