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    What's up everyone! It's me Keon (Key-On), but you can pronounce my name however you like. I love gaming! I have been gaming ever since my first laptop, which I got when I was 11 years old. I started on my laptop, and worked my way up onto gaming on the PS2, Wii, Xbox 360, then the Xbox One. And overtime I have gotten new gaming material. Like new laptop, Xbox, Monitors, etc.. You could call me a pro, if you'd like. But anyway. I am older then 13, and younger then 30. I play a variety of games ranging from MMO, to MMORPG, to FPS, to Survival, and pretty much any other genre. I play them all! I also do a little programming and coding in my spare time when I am not gaming or getting on with life. I find it relaxing! I will usually be on TeamSpeak if I am online, so you could hit me up sometime on the Server! And besides gaming, programming, and coding. I do go outside into the sunlight, and chill with my friends! We usually just chill by 'the spot' and ride our bikes, and go to the shops for goodies, as I like to call them, for fun! I'm not sure what else to say now. But it's been Keon, and I'll catch yah on the dope side. Peace!


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    Welcome to MxGaming!

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