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    TSF Application: haygali12

    Member Name: haygali12

    Which department are you applying for: TSF

    In-game name: haygali

    SteamID64: 76561198142248366

    Date of birth DD/MM/YYYY: 07/03/1998

    Current Age: 18

    Country: israel

    Timezone: +2

    Are you fluent within the English language: Yes

    Brief description about yourself: i vole bloond girls

    How long have you been with MxGaming:

    Previous MxGaming bans: no

    Previous experience in the TSF: yes

    What makes you interested in joining the TSF: i an good sniper and i have good rp

    Why do you think we should recruit you into the TSF: i have good team work and i goo sniper

    What does the term 'roleplay' mean to you: really life in the game

    I confirm that I've read and understood the server rules: Yes

    I confirm that I've read and understood the handbook: Yes

    I confirm that this application is written by me: Yes
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    Thanks for applying for TSF, unfortunately i will be DENYING you for an interview as your application does not meet the standards or requirements set in place for TSF.
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    This application has been Blacklisted!
    Winston has been suspended from TSF for forgery of an Application!

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