Posted 17th May 2016 06:47 PM on steam.
The Center - ARK Expansion Map, all new FREE content for ARK: Survival Evolved is Now Available on Steam.

To celebrate the DLC launch Studio Wildcard is offering 33% off ARK: Survival Evolved!*

The Center is a free add-on for ARK: Survival Evolved that includes a massive new map for survivors to explore, nearly double the size of the playable geography of the standard ARK Island landscape making it about 70 sq. kilometers. The Center complements the current ARK biomes with a rich, hand-drawn Tolkien-esque aesthetic. Filled with stunning lighting effects, lava rivers, giant picturesque mountains, misty floating islands, ancient underground ice caves, and more, The Center is free for anyone who already owns ARK: Survival Evolved.

*Offer ends May 24 at 10AM Pacific Time

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