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    TSF Application: Ariel

    Member Name: Ariel

    Which department are you applying for: TSF

    In-game name: Ariel

    SteamID64: 76561198073876223

    Date of birth DD/MM/YYYY: 02/02/2000

    Current Age: 16

    Country: Israel

    Timezone: GMT +2

    Are you fluent within the English language: Yes

    Brief description about yourself: I`m Ariel, I live in Israel i`m 16 years Old.
    I really like to play Arma 3 and other games too.
    I have spent over 900 hours on Altis life and I very like itm
    I`m going to jiu-jitsu and boxing evrey 3 days, I like to go with my friends to watch movies,I`m going to military school that means I wear a uniform.
    I play on this server alot because I like to play on this server, I have alot of friends here from my country and some are not.

    How long have you been with MxGaming: Not much

    Previous MxGaming bans: None

    Previous experience in the TSF: None

    What makes you interested in joining the TSF: Joining the TSF isn't a new idea to me, I've often thought about it but was usually held back by others opinions or my own laziness/restriction of learning a new handbook. I've realized this isn't the right attitude to have so Iím changing that. I have role-played with many cops on the server in my time, most of which I enjoyed very much. Some of you guys are hilarious. I often wonder what it is like to be on the other side during these role-playing moments, taking a more authoritarian role on the server and dealing with citizens and the laws of the land. I have no idea what it's like to be an officer on any server, the idea is quite foreign to me but that makes me want to join and explore what you guys really do and have to deal with. I'd also like to meet more members of the community, I feel my roleplay has become quite stale due to consistently playing the same role all the time and I would love to get a new perspective on general character development and roleplaying situations.

    Why do you think we should recruit you into the TSF: I`m really active player and if I start something I will always finish it. I`m mature, I respect the chain of command and always helping people.

    What does the term 'roleplay' mean to you: Taking on the personality and traits that you would apply to situations and conversations within the game.

    I confirm that I've read and understood the server rules: Yes

    I confirm that I've read and understood the handbook: Yes

    I confirm that this application is written by me: Yes
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    Congratulations your application has been approved.

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