Member Name: TheTrueDCO

Which department are you applying for: TSF

In-game name: Cameron-Jacob

SteamID64: 76561198152183642

Date of birth DD/MM/YYYY: 03/08/1999

Current Age: 16

Country: England

Timezone: GMT

Are you fluent within the English language: Yes

Brief description about yourself: My name is Cameron, I am 16 years old; born and raised in Birmingham, England. I have recently started College after leaving school after my exams and now i study English, Law, History & Music. I am at college most days from 8am - 4:30am but when i get home from college at around 5pm i will be gaming till around 12am. I started playing Altis Life again about 9 months ago after not being able to get into it the first time, but now i love it as i have now played 215+ hours within the last two weeks. I am very dediacted to new things and when i get into something i will never get tired of something (e.g DayZ SA 3000+ hours over shared accounts). I also used to be a twitch streamer not very big i only had 500 followers averaging around 15 viewers but i did make over 600 off of it so it was really worth it. Anyway i like working on a team and im not gonna lie i love it when people get into trouble... its just something that makes me laugh :P

How long have you been with MxGaming: just under a week

Previous MxGaming bans: None

Previous experience in the TSF: None first day :P

What makes you interested in joining the TSF: I've played altis life before and i was cop on it for most of the time so itll be fun...

Why do you think we should recruit you into the TSF: Im very active
good cop
good role play
good comms

What does the term 'roleplay' mean to you: Have fun with what your doing and give people other great experiences.

I confirm that I've read and understood the server rules: Yes

I confirm that I've read and understood the handbook: Yes

I confirm that this application is written by me: Yes