Member Name: WinSton

Which department are you applying for: TSF

In-game name: WinSton

SteamID64: 76561198069445377

Date of birth DD/MM/YYYY: 19/08/1998

Current Age: 17

Country: israel

Timezone: GM2 +2

Are you fluent within the English language: Yes

Brief description about yourself: My name is Yarin I live in Israel, I am 17 years, I love role playing games, watching movies and hang out with my boys.

How long have you been with MxGaming: not much at all.

Previous MxGaming bans: 0

Previous experience in the TSF: not in this community but I have good experience as blue for in RP servers.

What makes you interested in joining the TSF: I would like to join the police force because I believe It's fun to play as a cop and you get you handle many situations everday and It is also very fun to roleplay as a police officer. I also have a friend in the police force which I would like to play with. I also believe I can be useful for the force because I am a very active player and I have some knowledge because I have been playing here for a while and also I'm a good pilot and I don't have problem with taking orders. I also would like to make justice in Altis and catch the bad people and arrest them. I could have joined the medic force to revive people and treat them but as an officer I will be able to prevent it from the firstplace and arrest them before they do something like that again. It's why I would like to join the police force and thank you for reading!

Why do you think we should recruit you into the TSF: I'm very active player on sarver and for my experience the rebel life are boring and I'm looking for somting new, a place that I can develop it as player. I have over 4000 hours in arma 3. I have plenty of time to play. I am a reliable and honest someone you cant trust.

What does the term 'roleplay' mean to you: Roleplay it to compare the game to real life.

I confirm that I've read and understood the server rules: Yes

I confirm that I've read and understood the handbook: Yes

I confirm that this application is written by me: Yes