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    Post Takistan security force application [OPEN]



    Welcome to the official TAKISTAN SECURITY FORCE forums and thank you for your interest in joining the TSF. The first step to joining is by filling out one of the forms further down, where you will proceed onto an interview if your application is accepted and finally you'll be able to patrol as TSF on our servers.

    Before you submit any applications, then please check the status of the applications, since we do close them down at times, due to overpopulation within the force.

    If you previously have been in TSF and managed to achieve a rank on at least Corporal (Corp), then proceed with the ex-TSF application form.


    15 years of age, but exceptions will be made for applications that exceed expectations.
    Two weeks must have passed if you have previously applied.
    Good knowledge of ArmA 3, Altis Life and Wasteland mechanics.
    You must have played on a Life game mode for over 2 months.
    You must have played with MxGaming for over 1 month.
    Effective communication skills, including tactic and diplomacy.
    A sense of personal responsibility, integrity and resilience.
    Problem-solving skills.
    A confident and calm manner.
    Team working skills and the ability to work independently.
    Professionalism, honesty and trustworthiness.
    Sound judgement and a proper respect for confidentiality.
    Ability to act with resolve, tolerance and restraint.
    No current on-going reports against you.

    What can cause denial of application

    Sloppy or incorrectly filled out the application.
    Poking/PM the Recruitment and Training officers.
    Any kind of rude behavior or disrespectful during the interview process.
    Lack of enthusiasm.
    Not being truthful on your application.

    Useful links for your application

    Takistan Security Force Handbook
    Server Rules
    Spell Checker < Everyone Makes Mistakes.

    To apply use the application form here:
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