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    Exclamation Server Rules

    General Rules

    Section 1

    • You must understand and speak basic English.
    • Report all bugs and exploits to admins, do not abuse them.
    • Please refrain from typing in the TaskForceRadio channel.
    • Being racist, discriminatory, or otherwise offensive at any point is a bannable offence.
    • Bullying is never acceptable and any users found actively bullying another member will be punished accordingly.
    • Advertising is not allowed! (Do not name other communities)
    • Do not use hateful speech or disgusting insults.
    • Community rules always come first before any faction SOP's
    • If an SMT member decides the rule break is a matter for support staff or is a community rule break then factions or faction departments rules will not be considered unless an owner agrees. For example, you cannot double punish someone by way of a support case and an IA case unless an owner has agreed

    Demotion Terms & Guidelines

    A community owner can demote, promote, whitelist or de-whitelist any community member from a faction or a staff position without warning
    SMT members can remove Trial Staff, Moderators and Admins from the staff team without warning. The removal of an SAT member must be discussed with SMT before removal unless they have caused serious issues and the SMT members are not online
    Anyone saying in the game or in TeamSpeak 'I will get you banned' is a major rule break. You will receive severe punishment if you do this. If you have an issue with a player speak to a staff member.

    Teamspeak Rules

    Section 2

    1. Anyone caught being disrespectful towards members of the Community/Staff will be given a fair punishment.
    2. Advertising is not tolerated, this will result in a Warning/Kick depending on the circumstances.
    3. Voice Changers are not to be used at any time.
    4. Leaving support cases will result in Strikes being handed out.
    5. All supports case's need evidence in the form of screenshots or videos to prove a case but if a staff member feels the case does not need evidence you must inform a Community Owner.The Community Owner will have the overall say whether to issue the punishment or not without evidence.
    6. If the SMT decide a severe punishment should be enforced without points then this should be authorised by a Community Owner.
    7. Typing in the TFR chat (Task Force Radio) channel will result in a warning/kick.
    8. Harassing members of the community on TeamSpeak is not acceptable.
    9. Playing music bots outside the music channels will result in a 15-minute ban.
    10. You must own a working microphone to play.
    11. Do not use the TeamSpeak recording function while in TFR.
    12. Playing music or soundboards while waiting to respawn is not acceptable and must not be done.
    13. Support cases are to be kept private. Anyone caught publically speaking about cases will be given 5 warning points.
    14. You may only be affiliated with 1 gang (Families are still considered a gang)
    15. Follow the chain of command. Do not sit in requesting administration/Senior administration with a specific member of SMT's name in your name. If you do this, you will not be answered.

    Website Rules

    Section 3

    • Posting a recommendation for yourself is not allowed.
    • Using external Links to grab IP addresses will result in a permanent ban.
    • Requesting Support in the shoutbox will result in a warning, Support is given on TeamSpeak or in the correct website forums
    • Any sort of harassment or racism used on the forums will result in a permanent ban.
    • Only one profile per IP address is allowed, if you have more than one person who is a member of the community linked to your IP address please contact a member of SMT.

    Donation Terms of Service

    Section 4 offers the opportunity for users to donate. We do not handle payments directly, but rather refers these donations to a secure third-party processor such as PayPal. Once we have been notified by the processor that the donation has been made, and the donation has passed the fraud review, the donator tag will be assigned as soon as possible, however, we make no guarantees of the timeliness or immediacy. No refunds are offered under any circumstances. Any applicable (OUT OF GAME) VIP perks are delivered electronically, your act of donating is your receipt of electronic delivery. Note that our system keeps track of your IP as security in case of fraudulent activity.
    By donating you are automatically agreeing to these terms of conditions.

    P.S: Please also note: We are not going to deal with any annoying donation problems if your donation IS, in fact, fraudulent or gets charged back the Donator himself/herself will be community banned.

    - Feyzi
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