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    Question A break down of MxGaming Community ranks

    Hey there,
    In this thread I will break down the ranks of MxGaming Community Forums What they mean and what their jobs are.

    Forum Rank Groups:
    First, there are Administrators, At the moment there is only me and it will probably stay that for a while. The role is the overall management of servers, website and everything that makes this place tick. We/I have final say on all matters and whose choices should be respected for the best of the community.
    Next are Leaders, this is tier down from Administrators, the role is also the overall management of servers, site, and TeamSpeak they decide what does and doesn't go on around the community. Manage staff, Forums, News, Events and the pressing matters.
    Developers are members of staff whom I recognise to have necessary development skills to help the community.
    Now onto Super Moderators, this group is the final group that can ban on TeamSpeak permanently, Super Moderators handle User incident reports, Rules, Running events, steam group, and news & announcments.
    Game Leaders are basically Super Moderators but for a Single game (or multiple on some occasions), they handle game-specific events, forums etc.
    Moderators help to maintain clean forums or TeamSpeak which ever one they are applied for. They help enforce rules and investigate incident reports if required.
    VIP are reserved for people who have donated to MxGaming to help cover service costs, running a website, servers and licenses cost money you know. If you want to help consider a donation.
    Member, This group is automatically applied to users who have been active within the community.
    Registered User is applied to users who have just registered with a verified email.
    Last and least is Exiled, this is our community ban group.

    TeamSpeak Rank Groups:
    Owner is for me gives me full control of the TeamSpeak there is only one TeamSpeak group more powerful than me that is ServerAdmin (this is the server and accessible locally on the server).
    Leader same as the forum group, second group in charge of the TeamSpeak. If I am not around or on holiday members of this group are in undisputed control.
    Head Admin This group's role is to manage channels, group permissions and Group members on the TeamSpeak, If you are to be promoted to Moderator Head-admins will most likely be the ones to do so.
    Server Admin again, the role is to manage channels and Group members, this group can not modify permissions, though.
    Supervisor Moderator, staff in this group are too tabs of the moderator team as well as engage in active moderation. they are in control of trainee moderators in that if they feel a trainee moderator can not become an official moderator for whatever reason, they can remove them (reasons must be documented to the admin team for the final decision).
    Server Moderator's are to enforce rules within the TeamSpeak and report to higher staff any incidents that may or have accord within the server. They must also take incident reports from members and/or investigate incidents at admin's discretion.
    Trainee Moderator's are members whom applications have just been approved and are being actively surveyed and taught the ways to staff the MxGaming TeamSpeak. Trainee's moderators must shadow moderators or admins on request.
    Member rewarded to users who have registered and verified on the forums.
    Guest default group for new personnel, instantly banned if any trouble is caused.
    Anti-poke raises a user's needed poke level to admin.
    Anti-move Removed a user's ability to move around the TeamSpeak.
    Poker gives a user ability to poke ranks up to Leaders on the TeamSpeak.
    Force Push to Talk Forces a user to use push to talk is they refuse on staff request to use it.
    Force No Talk Forces a user to shut the hell up when being spoken to by staff.
    Bot Reserved for the bots on the TeamSpeak mostly for bots to recognise each other.

    If you wish to apply for staff here at MxGaming feel free to submit an application form here:
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    Re: A break down of MxGaming Community ranks

    Really This is very nice i also play this game

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