The PS4 Pro is still under a lot of heat from haters for marketing itself to be a true 4K console at first and then later revealing it will not actually render native 4k. Many have crucified Sony for getting everyoneís hopes up, but now we have latest news that the PS4 Pro may actually be able to push out a native 4K game. Read on to learn all about buy nba 2k17 mt pc!

NBA 2K17 On 4K

The recent news has had Sony representatives explain to the PlayStation community that the console wonít have native 4K but will be able to give something very close to it. This had a pretty big negative backlash from the PlayStation community to say the least.

However, word is finally out that a native 4K game is in the works for the PS4 PRO. The game in question is none other than NBA2k17. The game is set to smoothly run at a native 4K with a soothing 60 frames per second.

More good news, the 4K version of nba 2k17 mt pc will not be a separate game but will actually be an update for the game. There is no specific release date for the patch yet. But then again, the PS4 Pro is coming out on November 10 next month, this patch will most likely come close after the release of the PS4 Pro.

4K on 1080P?

For those of you who havenít upgraded to 4K TVs yet, all is not lost. 1080p resolution TVs will still reap in rewards for the upcoming update.

Itís been revealed to Gamespot that the PS4 Pro will still be able to display a 4K resolution even though may only have a 1080p display. Not only that, the upgrade to the PS4 will also bring improved anti-aliasing, along with the HDR support.

Buy cheap nba 2k17 mt pc is only one of the many games that are expecting the 4K upgrade. Stick around with us and learn more gaming news and updates as they come!