Okay, this is going to be short or long let's see how much I type.

As many of our community members know, Shattered Skies plays have bee dropping and a reflection of this our communities members have been dwindling. I have spoken to Adam about possible changes within the game and improvements. As a response to this, he has taken a vacation, he has found himself to care less and less about the community because of all the "complaining" about problems in the game. So he has taken a short break and hopefully will come back with more enthusiasm to help the shattered skies community and our TeamSpeak members should raise once again.

Secondly, I have noticed other gaming communities scouting us and attempting to recruit players on TeamSpeak into their already dead shattered skies clan. If you notice this, don't hesitate to report it to a staff member.

Anyway, The domination update is dropping this month, So hopefully we can dominate shattered skies once again!