Hi guys,

I posted this in the WoW forum, but then found that no-one else had posted there since before Christmas, so (hopefully without breaking too much forum etiquette), I posted it here too ...
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First of all, in the few months which I've been part of MxG, I've met a good slice of it's members, and find the community exactly what I was looking for.

I started off playing Battlefield 1, but after a few discussions with personal friends I was encouraged to try out WoW:Legion - I did, and am having a blast.

I have 3 mains which are all above 100, a druid, a demon hunter and a warrior. Obviously my next goal is to get all 3 to 110, exploring all the new content from leveling>5 mans>raids, but there rarely seems like there is anyone in a similar position as me (or even on WoW teamspeak at all). I would love to form up a 5-man party of MxG, and start taking on this fantastic game. The reason I like MMO's so much is largely down to the social element, and I just don't have it right now.

Which brings me to my question/plea ... all 3 of my 100+ chars have already done the start, all have there artifacts - is there anyone out there who would like to join up fairly regularly (either with a main or an alt), and come help me bash through? Wow with a 5-man (as anyone who plays it knows) group on voice comms, unselfishly helping each other with their gold is WoW at its very best. Please drop me a line on teamspeak, or a reply on here and we can get it on, and sort out day(s)/times for meeting up. I'm alliance on Azjol-Nerub, but I've heard it whispered that realm no longer matters.

Apologies for the long-windedness!

All the best fellow Gamers!!!