For me, i prefer mid rate server.

It's ElariaRO. Even though it's still a small community, but the GMs are very nice.

This server has a very promising future. I hope you guys can join us!

The description below can be a reference for ya.

Video: Elaria Woon Reloaded 75x75x25x - Coming this December! - YouTube

Basic Information
75x75x25x | 50x Normal Cards
Pre-Renewal 99/70
Multiple PROXY (USA/FR/PH + More coming!)
Cash Shop: Balanced
Healer/Warper/Jobchange - Free
AHK/RoMed allowed

Ultimate Guild System
WoE Castle Rotation
Light Graphics Plugin
Extended Battleground (Conquest, TDM)
Tradeable BG Badges + Happy Hour
Restock System
Guild Buff System
PvP NoPotion/Debuff
Instances & much more!

@reportafk, @votekick, @aoes, @shake, @hold, @lgp, @autorefresh, @restock, @restockmanage, @showdelay, @buy, @sell, @td, @packetfilter & more!

Guild/Solo: Guild System - Elaria Wiki
Noviceground: Battle Manuals, Job Manuals, Novice Set, Special beginner Headgear, Zeny & more!