In June 2016, Sony and Marvel comics announce that they have chosen Insomniac Games to be developing their new Spiderman title for the Playstation 4. At E3 a trailer was shown with stunning graphics and gameplay mechanics, This is what Bryan Intihar at E3:

From our first meeting, Marvel, Spider-Man and Insomniac have felt like a match made in heaven. So much so that for the first time in Insomniac’s 22-year history, we’re working on an IP that didn’t originate in-house. We love building big games, with incredible gameplay, deep stories, and beautiful graphics. Spider-Man is one of the most iconic and well-known characters in the world, and we’re thrilled to be given the responsibility to create a brand-new, authentic Spider-Man story. Nope, this isn’t the same Spider-Man you’ve met before, nor is our game based on the upcoming movie. This is a more seasoned Peter Parker who’s more masterful at fighting big crime in New York City. At the same time, he’s struggling to balance his absurdly chaotic personal life and career. All while nine million New Yorkers depend on him for their safety… no pressure indeed.This collaboration also allows us to quickly return to action developing on Playstation 4. Having released Ratchet & Clank, we feel confident in our ability to create a showpiece for the console. And we’re downright giddy bringing Spidey’s acrobatic abilities, improvisation, and web-slinging to life. But we also want to introduce new elements that players have never experienced with Spider-Man, ranging from traversing with parkour and utilising the environment, to new combat and blockbuster set-pieces.
We can’t wait to share more about our Spider-Man game in the months to come.

The new head of Marvel's video game group talks about its AAA console future

During the last number of years, Marvel Games' output has been mostly on a portable (Avengers Academy, Contest of Champions, Future Fight), on DESKTOP (Marvel Heroes) and for The Disney productions Infinity and Lego games. Marvel fans haven't had their own personal Batman: Arkham counterpart. But with numerous Marvel gaming system game titles in development, it seems like that's changing. When publisher Activision was in charge of developing and creating Spider-Man video games, those games were generally tied up to the launching of films or gross annual publishing agendas. The top quality of those video games diversified, and while they had been often productive commercial, Ong suggested that Wonder Video games don't desire to force video games to marketplace only to coincide with a theatrical launching. (The approaching Spider-Man video game is usually "wholly unique" and not related to 2017's i9000 Spider-Man: Homecoming, the subsequent Marvel function movie starring the web-slinger.)

You can read a recap of what he mentioned below:

  • Spider-Man is the biggest game ever for Insomniac and the most ambitious game ever for Marvel.
  • It’s an open world game.
  • The game has been in development for “quite some time.”
  • It’s not part of the films, and Insomniac is doing a bit of its own thing and “mixing things up” to an extent. It’s an original story, and this was an opportunity for Insomniac Games to create “their own Spider-Man universe.” It still respects the tradition of the franchise but the developers can afford to take some liberties, for instance with the design of Spider-Man’s suit, that could be seen in the trailer.
  • It’s getting better and better every day as development progresses.
  • This is a story where Spider-Man’s world and Peter Parker’s world collide. It focuses on who is the man under the mask, and who the man becomes after he puts the mask on.
  • The game is confirmed as a PS4 exclusive, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.