The match-ups for ELEAGUE Major's first round of the Swiss system have been drawn on ELEAGUE's stream.

ELEAGUE's Major will be the first Major to utilize the Swiss format, which was previously used at the last two Main Qualifiers and ESL One New York.

In that format, each round will see teams with the same win-loss record facing each other after a random draw, apart from the first round where the matches have been pre-determined.

Teams who reach three victories will advance to the quarter-finals, while teams with three losses will exit the tournament.

The sixteen teams were spread into four seeding pools according to their placing at the previous Major and the Main Qualifier, which partially determined the first-round match-ups (first pool versus the fourth, second versus third).

Gambit vs North
fnatic vs G2
SK vs HellRaisers vs OpTic
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
Liquid vs EnVyUs
Astralis v. GODSENT
FlipSid3 vs FaZe

The entire first round will be played on day one of the ELEAGUE Major, which is set to take place in the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia, from January 22-29.

Prize pool :