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    Lightbulb Arma Developer Applications

    Developer Applications

    MxGaming Online Gaming Community is looking to expand its team, we are looking for people that want to help improve our server and increase our quality of gameplay.

    We will start expanding our team by appointing new developers, developers will automatically be moderators on forums and TeamSpeak, before moving up from forum moderator to positions such as Teamspeak admin or forum admin you will first need to get acquainted with how we do things, so consider forum moderator a basic level position where you will have the time to prove your worth and eventually move up in the ranks if that is what you wish/we require.

    Currently open positions

    There is currently only 1 developer position open, they will be granted full access to the forums and will be able to lock/stick/delete/edit and moderate posts. Main responsibilities will be to develop and extend functionality and features on our server.

    What we expect from a Developer

    • Extensive knowledge of the Arma SQF scripting engine
    • Ability to meet time constraints and deadlines
    • Add, fix, remove features and test your updates before pushing live onto our servers.
    • Map editing knowledge
    • Moderating posts that contain foul or offensive language
    • Spam posts, double posts, unnecessarily bumped posts
    • Moving posts into the proper sections/categories
    • Helping people with questions, bug reports, et cetera

    We have the following requirements for the Forum Moderator position:

    • Have to be active on the forums.
    • Know Arma engine SQF language
    • Able to work alone without guidance
    • We expect you to be at least 18 years old. (Exceptions can be made.)
    • Fluent in the English language.
    • Ability to handle situations from a neutral perspective (Never take sides with friends, gangs).
    • Basic understanding of Forums (We will do our best to guide you through the settings and features).

    *There is no form or template for the application*

    There is no specific date that the applications will be closed, opened or accepted, private message me your application on the forums and kindly wait for a response.
    Proof of previous works is recommended, Goodluck!
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