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  1. An open letter to Nintendo Corp

    Dear Nintendo,

    You have for many years made continuously top quality games, and I cherish all my Nintendo consoles (for example the Virtual Boy). I'm positive the Switch provides wonderful game titles and experiences that I am going to not have the ability to find on every other console. However, your business decisions regarding pricing of the console, accessories, and online are disheartening, and frankly baffling.

    Charging for online is really a reasonable ...
  2. How much does the Nintendo Switch need to succeed?

    Last week Gamers rejoiced as the next iteration of Nintendo Home Consoles was unveil. With the unfortunate failure of the Wii U (I enjoy having a Wii U), Nintendo needs to have mass appeal to a wider audience and push a clear marketing in order for consumers to understand what the system is. At first glance, the name may seem odd for some but I think it is great in terms of conveying what the system is really about to the uninitiated. The trailer was able to emphasize that this was a console-portable ...
  3. Playstation 4 UPDATE: 4.00 OUT NOW! Review & Infomation!

    After weeks of successful beta testing, the latest update for Sonyís flagship console has gone live today across the globe, and I can report with some safety that this is a big one. I have been nothing but impressed by the larger system updates offered for the PS4 in recent months, particularly as, after what seemed like an age, we were finally given the ability to be notified when our friends were online. So what revolutionary new features have Sony bestowed upon us this time?