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  1. mxGaming Setup log, Day 365

    A small update to the setup logs...

    I have added on RSS feeds to each section of the website excluding user profiles.
    Each and every forum has an RSS feed you can subscribe too.
    Every thread will have an RSS feed you can subscribe too.
    User blogs have RSS feeds.
    And even the Content Management System has RSS too.

    So you will never miss post or announcement if you subscript to an RSS feed. To subscribe to an RSS feed find the small RSS logo it looks ...
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  2. mxGaming Setup log, Finale

    We have pointed the domain to our servers and are now serving the forums.
    We are still working on the website though we are pleased that the forums are live.

    We will now work on deploying a teamspeak server for the community.
  3. mxGaming Setup log, Day 2

    Today we started working on the theme and style of the site.
    We have created a logo and theme for the forums, we have also created user rank badges for all the ranks in the community including vip. which also brings us to the donations. the donator manager has been installed and a donation bar added to the first page.
    donators get added to the vip groups on top of there existing groups if they are staff, and members get moved to the group.

    Updated 6th April 2016 at 08:08 PM by DrWhat

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  4. mxGaming Setup log, Day 1

    We have acquired the domain and we have started work on build the site.
    We have installed vbulletin and setup the groups.

    Building the the URL SEO rules was hard, We broke the forum multiple times, almost gave up.

    Updated 6th April 2016 at 08:08 PM by DrWhat

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