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  1. Why MxGaming is the best online gaming community ever!

    Hi, I am the owner of MxGaming, Here at MxGaming we try our best to provide a fun productive environment for gamers. Gamers like to have a calm, fun, and most importantly stable community.

    Here at MxGaming we provide all sorts of benefits to gamers, Direct contact with industry leading developers from Epic Games, StarDock and more. Making the PC gaming community a more productive community with feedback from the community to improve the gaming scene for everyone. With an admin team ...
  2. My Long awaited Fallout 4 Review.

    I've been putting this review off for a long time. Mostly it's because I still haven't finished the game. However since all I really have left to do is finish the story line, I might as well get into this review (my character is level 54 I think I have explored a lot of the game). Maybe that already suggests a little bit concerning my opinion of this game, and maybe a lot of what I am about to talk about has been said over a million times (the game has been out since last year), but although I did ...
    Gaming , Review , Vehicles , Promotions
  3. Why Shattered Skies is dead and the gaming communities future.

    As the largest clan in Shattered Skies, I feel obligated to at least share my thoughts about our time in Shattered Skies game. As of today, MxGaming leadership has dropped all support for Shattered Skies, We will not be recruiting for it, We will not have TeamSpeak channels for it and we will not even recommend it.

    Shattered Skies saw great potential during their beta, they bought unique and experienced gameplay with and open world to their players. They didn't make any false promises ...
  4. Why I can not care for loathsomeness recreations

    Believe this or not this is my opinion and my opinion alone, People mite have diffrent opinions and that is fine.

    This is prone to be an expansive arrangement of issues I have with ghastliness amusements. Some are subjective, some target, however by the day's end, it's the essential thinking behind I basically can't remain to play anything from the class, regardless of the applaud a portion of the most noteworthy evaluated diversions in the gathering may collect.

  5. Playstation 4 UPDATE: 4.00 OUT NOW! Review & Infomation!

    After weeks of successful beta testing, the latest update for Sonyís flagship console has gone live today across the globe, and I can report with some safety that this is a big one. I have been nothing but impressed by the larger system updates offered for the PS4 in recent months, particularly as, after what seemed like an age, we were finally given the ability to be notified when our friends were online. So what revolutionary new features have Sony bestowed upon us this time?

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