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How much does the Nintendo Switch need to succeed?

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Last week Gamers rejoiced as the next iteration of Nintendo Home Consoles was unveil. With the unfortunate failure of the Wii U (I enjoy having a Wii U), Nintendo needs to have mass appeal to a wider audience and push a clear marketing in order for consumers to understand what the system is. At first glance, the name may seem odd for some but I think it is great in terms of conveying what the system is really about to the uninitiated. The trailer was able to emphasize that this was a console-portable hybrid that can play games graphically demanding like Skyrim and can play Mario Kart 8 on the go. I can continue about how exactly much this trailer made my inner Nintendo fan jump in glee but listed below I am going to discuss the five things Nintendo must do for the Nintendo Switch to reach your goals.
1) Backwards Compatible

Unfortunately it had been reported yesterday that the Nintendo Switch won't be backwards appropriate for the Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS because of the fact that the Switch won't support "second-screen experiences." This saddens me because with the illustration of Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon on the unveil trailer it managed to get seem that it could somehow support those games unless they create ports for the system.Despite the fact that Nintendo has stated that you won't support those two systems it generally does not mean that you won't support Nintendo's extensive catalog of games from the NES completely to the Gamecube. Although Nintendo have not explicitly said the machine won't support motion controllers, for the moment I am going to assume it generally does not so I won't be prepared to see Wii games with this system.
2) Power

A system that may be played in your own home and on the run will need to have its drawbacks somehow. Nintendo would not divulge information with regards to the processing power of the machine however they did declare that the system may be the table itself. The question is how powerful will this technique be if it attempts to obtain graphically demanding game titles like Skyrim onto it while being on the run. I'm expecting one of two things. Either the system is powerful enough to play current gen games and will suffer greatly in battery life or it will sacrifice power for battery life. The topic of power correlates very well with the next topic.
3) Pricing

This is a huge one. Since we do not have any idea how powerful this system is, it is difficult to estimate how much this system will cost. As much as I love Nintendo, one of the company's biggest flaws is the cost of their system and games. Historically they have priced their system relatively high and the cost of their games, for the most part, remains high years after the release of those games. If Nintendo wants both hardcore gamers and casual gamers to purchase this system, the magical number that would entice both groups would be around $299.99. Both Xbox One S and Playstation 4 Slim are being sold at that price and if they want to survive the holiday season of 2017 they need to be selling this system at a competitive price. Nintendo is not in the position to price this system over $399.99 and expect consumers to shell out money after their Wii U fiasco.
4) Better Account connectivity

This one is really a broad topic that encompasses a number of different aspects but I am going to concentrate on a select few. First of all, Nintendo must stop making us purchase game titles we owe on different systems. In the event that you buy a virtual console game on either the Wii U or the 3DS, you ought to be in a position to cross play across systems. Nintendo is striving to get a better account syncing with the revamp Nintendo Rewards, Miitomo and Nintendo accounts so maybe the Nintendo Switch will solve those concerns. Another issue with account is online connectivity and party chat. It really is 2016, the way the hell can the Wii U have lesser online functionalities compared to the Xbox 360, something that arrived a decade ago? Several games would benefit greatly by way of an overhaul in online connectivity such as for example Splatoon, Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. I am aware Nintendo really wants to "protect children from online threats" but that's not Nintendo's job, this is the parent's responsibility keeping in mind an eye on which content their children consume.
5) System's sturdiness

This one is really a minor one but I possibly could not go without mentioning. If this system is supposed for on the go use and constant click and clack from inserting and exerting the joy con controllers on the side, can the system sustain constant usage? The recurring click sounds from the trailer made me worried that if i purchase this system I'll either drop the system and break the screen, controllers or something among those lines. Nintendo has always made sturdy, quality systems throughout it history but in an age where a simple drop on the side of a phone can cause a crack across the screen.

Those are some of my thoughts on the Nintendo Switch that I wanted to put out there. Let me know what you guys think.