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An open letter to Nintendo Corp

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Dear Nintendo,

You have for many years made continuously top quality games, and I cherish all my Nintendo consoles (for example the Virtual Boy). I'm positive the Switch provides wonderful game titles and experiences that I am going to not have the ability to find on every other console. However, your business decisions regarding pricing of the console, accessories, and online are disheartening, and frankly baffling.

Charging for online is really a reasonable business decision, but both of your competitors include 4 free games per month that players get to keep so long as they remain subscribers. Allowing us to rent a single NES or SNES game for a month is undeniably worse. You simply cannot justify charging for online game once you will inevitably have an inferior library of online capable game titles than the competition, an inferior online user-base, and a substandard free video game incentive. You have effectively matched the worst part of your competitor's models, without matching the very best part.

Compounding with this poor decision may be the proven fact that you haven't been forthcoming on telling us if we should be able to transfer our Virtual Gaming system purchases from Wii U and 3DS free of charge. Not allowing us to transfer our games free of cost, which definitely seems to be the path you're taking, is actually penalising your most loyal fans for purchasing the Wii U and 3DS. Rather than paying once for a casino game just like the consumers who choose the Switch, I am going to now be spending money on exactly the same digital game for the fourth amount of time in some cases. Charging an upgrade fee, as you did with the Wii U, shouldn't be the solution. To put it simply, you need to allow free transfers of Virtual Console game titles in order to avoid further end user backlash.

The high console price is increased by the costs of one's accessories. How come the Switch pro controller more costly than an Xbox One controller, when functionally it really is identical? Perhaps these remotes cost more to create than an Xbox One controller, but please remember the price of your manufacturing is unimportant to the buyer. All the customer sees is a controller that is too expensive.

And finally, the price point. $300 is too much to keep your console competitive. Have you learned nothing from the mistakes of the past? Consumers will be unwilling to pay a higher price when compared to a PS4 or Xbox One, for a less powerful gaming console, even if it does have a portable aspect. A pack in game could at least justify the high price, but instead you are choosing to sell the obvious pack-in, 1-2 Switch, separately.

A few final words of wisdom: When Microsoft initially revealed the Xbox One, there was harsh customer backlash due to the always online requirements. Microsoft, to its credit, corrected course on these weak business choices. Please prove yourself as willing to listen to consumer feedback as your competitors, and act swiftly to restore potential customer and investor assurance.

Yours Sincerely;
A faithful fan.