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  1. How I Became A PC Gamer

    While I was growing up in my parents house, my access to video games was quite limited. You see, my parents were the old-fashioned type. I look back on it now and I'm very thankful for it in a weird way, at the time, it seemed... well it kind of sucked! I wasn't allowed to have video games nor was I allowed internet access, I had to do things like use my imagination and read books. I studied, I doodled and I came up with other ways to entertain myself and I think I'm a lot better off now because ...
  2. Rust Server anybody?!

    We are working to build a rust server for the gaming community to and expand. We are just in the process of setting up mods on the server and configuring them. More news to come this is just a quick post letting you know of our plans.
  3. An open letter to Nintendo Corp

    Dear Nintendo,

    You have for many years made continuously top quality games, and I cherish all my Nintendo consoles (for example the Virtual Boy). I'm positive the Switch provides wonderful game titles and experiences that I am going to not have the ability to find on every other console. However, your business decisions regarding pricing of the console, accessories, and online are disheartening, and frankly baffling.

    Charging for online is really a reasonable ...
  4. Why MxGaming is the best online gaming community ever!

    Hi, I am the owner of MxGaming, Here at MxGaming we try our best to provide a fun productive environment for gamers. Gamers like to have a calm, fun, and most importantly stable community.

    Here at MxGaming we provide all sorts of benefits to gamers, Direct contact with industry leading developers from Epic Games, StarDock and more. Making the PC gaming community a more productive community with feedback from the community to improve the gaming scene for everyone. With an admin team ...
  5. Why Shattered Skies is dead and the gaming communities future.

    As the largest clan in Shattered Skies, I feel obligated to at least share my thoughts about our time in Shattered Skies game. As of today, MxGaming leadership has dropped all support for Shattered Skies, We will not be recruiting for it, We will not have TeamSpeak channels for it and we will not even recommend it.

    Shattered Skies saw great potential during their beta, they bought unique and experienced gameplay with and open world to their players. They didn't make any false promises ...
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