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  1. My Long awaited Fallout 4 Review.

    I've been putting this review off for a long time. Mostly it's because I still haven't finished the game. However since all I really have left to do is finish the story line, I might as well get into this review (my character is level 54 I think I have explored a lot of the game). Maybe that already suggests a little bit concerning my opinion of this game, and maybe a lot of what I am about to talk about has been said over a million times (the game has been out since last year), but although I did ...
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  2. SteelSeries and why I will be avoiding their products! - Review kinda

    TL;DR: SteelSeries tries to look good in public but is really jerks behind the scenes
    There are countless posts about SteelSeries headsets having issues with 1 side not giving off a sound. There is even a post about their keyboard having the switch upside down. Then there is the issue of their original Rival mouse which is also the start of my story.
    Back in 2013 when I was a wee little boy and just wanted to be like the pro gamers I had a need for a new mouse and at the time I enjoyed ...
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  3. No Man's Sky: First Impressions and Thoughts

    So I've been playing this game since release and I've put a lot of hours into it. I haven't finished the game but I still intend too. I've had people ask me is the game any good? Is it repetitive? Should I get it? If you like survival games, then yes it is worth it. The game does get really repetitive but it's not necessarily a bad thing. This game is meant to be chill and explore. I've seen some user reviews on amazon that played the game for 30 minutes and quit. Don't listen to those type of reviews. ...
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  4. For people Uncomfortable with Violence (A Hotline Miami Retrospective)

    Violence in video games is a touchy subject. Many stand on different sides on how violence should be treated in games, and while I am on the side that is really very indifferent and would rather any developer just follow their artistic vision, this blog isn't here to directly discuss that. I'm here to talk about a game I recently finished for the umpteenth time, Hotline Miami, and the idea of uncomfortable violence, and how it can be ...
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