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  1. How I Became A PC Gamer

    While I was growing up in my parents house, my access to video games was quite limited. You see, my parents were the old-fashioned type. I look back on it now and I'm very thankful for it in a weird way, at the time, it seemed... well it kind of sucked! I wasn't allowed to have video games nor was I allowed internet access, I had to do things like use my imagination and read books. I studied, I doodled and I came up with other ways to entertain myself and I think I'm a lot better off now because ...
  2. Overwatch Is certainly Life

    I've gathered very a selection of video games on the PS4 that I'm established to obtain through in 2017; nevertheless, one of those video games is Overwatch. I've just performed for close to 19 hrs, and I'm already degree 32. Like, I understand I should cease enjoying and concentrate on additional video games (or, lifestyle, for instance) but there is definitely something therefore pleasing in operating around as Junkrat, leading to turmoil and explosions after a lengthy day time of operating tech ...