• What New Releases To Look ahead to In 2017!

    It is 2017 and you also know what which means, Huge things in entertainment. Like movies, video gaming comic books etc. Here are the ten things to look forward to this year.

    10. The Order

    For the very first time ever, nearly every power ranger actor or actress from various seasons will star together for the first time in this upcoming movie set to be released somewhere this season. We were all hoping that they would all come together for the ultimate battle in Super Megaforce. But this time we'll get to see them all in one movie.

    9. Injustice 2
    The sequel to the best fighting game in 2013, featuring many characters from the DC universe. The game will feature numerous new characters such as Super Girl Blue Beetle etc

    8. Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite
    The 4th instalment of the Marvel Vs Capcom Franchise. It will feature Megaman X from Capcom and Captain Marvel from well... Marvel.

    7. Justice league Live Action Movie.
    Although a lot of us were dissatisfied with the disaster of Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad. We can hope that this movie that may feature most of the rosters from the new 52 story arc will be a little better even though its being directed by Zak Snyder.

    6. The Nintendo Switch
    The 7th console to be released by Nintendo in march or somewhere this year. The console will have duo features. That may allow gamers to play their games at home or take the tablet attached to it to play on the go. There is still a mystery about the console because some individuals just like the motion controls from the wii/wii u. We will have to wait for E3 this year and discover.

    5. Spiderman For Playstation 4
    Everyone's favourite web slinger could have his first game after 7 years since Spider-Man Edge Of Time. The overall game play appear to be much like that of the Batman Arkham games. But this time around its Spider-man.

    4. Power Ranger's vs Justice League
    THE ENERGY Rangers for the very first time will crossover with the Justice League in the comics. We are able to desire to see which ranger which members of the justice league or interact to fight an evil force so excellent it will require all there capacity to defeat it.

    3. Star Wars Episode 8
    The 8th instalment of the Star Wars Franchise. The other day we'd a tragic lost of Carrie Fisher AKA Princess Leia on your day after Christmas. The next day her mother, movie legend Debbie Reynolds passed on because of stroke. Our hearts venture out to the household and the initial cast for his or her lost and we are able to expect the very best of Fisher's final performance as Princess Leia.

    2. He-man/Thundercats Issue 4
    If you are an 80s or early 90s kid growing up watching He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe and Thundercats. Attempting to see He-man clash Lion-O. Your wish has become a reality. Because in issue 4 of the He-Man/Thundercats crossover, both of these 80s icons will battle one another for the very first time in the comics. Who win? Learn on January 18th once the issue is released. But,make sure to read issue 1-3 to meet up with the story before issue 4 happens.

    1. Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
    The initial ever open world Zelda game and the 19th instalment of The Legend Of Zelda franchise. This time around you'll get to utilize multiple weapons. Such as for example staffs, spears, axes etc. Besides a sword.

    Which one of the are you looking forward to probably the most this year?
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