• Steam Community under huge ddos by hacking group

    At around 5 PM, GMT: Millions of players were kicked offline from steam servers for an unknown reason. Many thought it was just because of the Christmas sale that has started the day before, which happens almost every steam sale that is announced. Steam often struggles with these sales and experience downtime. until hours had passed, many online gamers were seeking answers from steam, upon deaf ears.

    Until 5:20pm, a hacking group under the name Phantom Squad claimed responsibility for the steam downtime, they have claimed to be testing their new DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service) power, No one knows what power these hackers posses but it is enough to knock Steam offline. Steam is the largest online video game retailer and server hosting provider. Owned by Valve it was originally designed to distribute there own games like Counter-strike but soon allowed other developers to sell games on steam for a small fee. This was the start of the digital revolution of buying and playing games.

    The hackers are currently holding steam down until they get a small amount of retweets, Around 200. However, They have reach the amount of retweet and have not stopped the DDoS on Steam-powered, Which leads many to believe this claim to be completely false, or they are just assh****. Steamstat.us A popular website owned by xPaw that has the ability to check all of steam servers shows that all steam servers are offline, not just the website or login servers.

    A similar situation happened to Xbox Live a few years back where a group of hackers took all of xbox live offline and only agree'd to stop the DDoS once KIMdotCOM gave the group 1000 MEGA.nz premium accounts so that he and other gamers could enjoy the newly released Call of Duty. Kim gave them the accounts and the group stopped the ddos. We wonder if the same were to with steam.

    At 6:20pm Twitter suspended the hacking groups account as well as 5 other associate accounts. Steam is experiencing a wide spread outage.

    At 6:40pm all steam services returned online and a stable state.
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