• About St4ck, Who is he? How to hack steam level?

    This article is a follow up of our previous article about st4ck and his emergence on steam as the highest ranked account during the steam summer sale. While unknown at the time, St4ck did not hack his steam level which we hinted at in our Did this guy hack his steam post at the time. Though we did conclude he very well did achieve what his profile has become spending A LOT of money.

    Why are we once again covering St4ck? Well, upon checking on his account [at the posting of this article] st4ck's current steam level is 1702, This is amazing. Previously Valve never had a collection of level badges for levels above 1000, Though with the sudden level gain this steam user gain Valve swift added 10 new logos for the badges in 100 increments. But, St4ck is about to reach level 2000, and most probably in time for the steam summer sale 2017 if not during. He is and will remain to be the highest ranking steam profile ever on steamcommunity. But for how long, we asked this in the previous news Palmdesert doesn't seem to be wanting the challenge st4cks level, and to be honest it is very expensive to get that high of a level.

    One of my close friends xDaino Super moderator expressed to me, Maybe his plan is to gain the level of the current year and every year increment it to then that year. This would be a very good meme to do and an impressive feat, If we do see st4ck gain such a high level and if I were in his shoes I would do that because It would just be funny.

    So how does he gain such a high level and how can you gain a high level on steam. Well its really not hard, It is quiet a simple system it just need time or if you can afford it Money! First off, steam level is based off an exp (experience) system and you can gain experience doing all sorts of things. One of easiest and automatic methods is profile creation time, your profile gains 1 exp for every day it is registered. Now you are not going to gain massive numbers relying on just registration time alone. Another simple method is to complete the Steam Community tasks completing this gives you your first 1000 exp which is enough to gain level 10. One of the most popular methods is trading which I will cover the core below, by trading steam community trading cards and by collecting these cards enough to make a set, you can then craft a badge from that set which will gain you experience and a pretty badge that will permanently show on your profile.

    These methods are the only methods you can gain exp and steam level for completely free, But there are a lot more method I will cover. As I said above, trading cards are the core of the steam level hack. You can gain cards by playing games, but this is limited to a maximum 3 cards per game and some games give you less then 3, this is less the then required minimum of 5 cards to make a set to craft a badge for the game they are for. Every badge gives you 100 exp, so if you craft 10 badges you gain 10 more levels. 100 badges = level 100. So all you need to do is gain such a high level such as 1000, you only need to craft 1000 badges, It is that easy.

    But wait, that is not all as most of you may know, steam does events during all their sales these events give you exp or special edition cards which you can craft into badges that give you more exp sometimes 1000 exp, that's 10 levels for 1 badge. But these events gave you the ability to gain tens of thousands experience for hundreds of levels at once. But these were found to be too op, so steam stopped them in 2013 and introduced gems. You could recycle your unwanted cards and items for gems and then spend these gems on cards you did want to complete sets and craft badges this has since been a success and in 2015 steam allowed gems to be sold and bought on the steam market.

    So, to hack your steam level, you do not need to download some dodge program, you do not need to spend a lot of money, unless you want to take the short cut route. So about st4ck, did he hack his steam level? No! He spent a lot of [hard earned] money and did a lot of trading.
    St4ck is a member of MxGaming you can ask him any question you would like here: http://forum.mxgaming.com/members/steam-st4ck-1645/
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